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Available Oregon Rental Housing Association Forms

All ORHA Rental forms are available at the Klamath Rental Owners Association office.

4509 South 6th Street, suite 108

(forms are also available online at the ORHA Online Form Store)

Form # Form Name
Form 1 Application To Rent
Form 2A Rental Agreement
Form 2B Fixed Term Rental Agreement
Form 3 Pet Agreement
Form 4 72-hour Notice to Pay or Vacate
Form 5 Notice of Termination
Form 6 Unauthorized Pet Violation
Form 7 Repeat Termination Notice
Form 8 Notice for Harm or Substantial Damage
Form 9 Check In/ Out Report
Form 10 Medical Marijuana Agreement
Form 10A Marijuana Agreement
Form 11 Smoke & C.O. Acceptance
Form 12 Deposit Accounting
Form 13 Notice of Rent Increase
Form 14 Past Due Rent Reminder
Form 15 30-Day Notice From Tenant
Form 16 Confirmation of 30-Day Notice
Form 17 Maintenance Request
Form 18 24-Hr Notice to Enter
Form 19 Emergency Entry
Form 20 Application Verification
Form 21 Deposit Refund Check List
Form 22 Emergency Information - ONLINE ONLY
Form 23 Actual Damages
Form 24
Satellite Dish Installation Agreement
Form 25 Abandoned Property
Form 25A Abandoned Prop. - Deceased Tenant - ONLINE
Form # Form Name
Form 27 Smoke & Vape-Free Agreement
Form 28 One Time Late Payment Agreement
Form 29 One Time Partial Payment Agreement
Form 30 Deposit to Hold
Form 31 Guest Registration
Form 32 Addendum
Form 33 Rules & Regulations
Form 34 Parking Violation
Form 35 Warning Notice
Form 38 Notice of Termination With Cause
Form 39 24-hour Notice for Unlawful Occupant - ONLINE
Form 40 Entrance Agreement for Property Showing
Form 41 Annual Recycling Notice
Form 42 Applicant Screening Charge
Form 43 Applicant Denial & Adverse Action Letter
Form 44 144-Hr Notice to Pay or Vacate
Form 45 Application Screening Guidelines
Form 46 Assistance Animal Agreement
Form 47 Parking Agreement
Form 49 Accounting Letter
Form 50 Promissory Note & Installment Agreement
Form 51 Lead-Based Paint Disclose
Form 52 Co-signer Agreement
Form 53 Reasonable Accommodation Request
Form 54 Mold Prevention Agreement
Form 57 Temporary Occupant
Form 58 Foreclosure/Default Agreement
Form 59 Add/Delete Tenant Rental Agreement Addendum
Form 60 2016 Law Change Notice
link to Oregon Rental Housing
link to Fair Housing Council
link to Klamath County Chamber of Commerce

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Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603

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